CLP $ 25.000

Per Person
  • Difficulty: all persons
  • Available: all year round
  • Schedules: 13:45 pm
  • Duration: 5 hours

This adventure will allow you to discover this active volcano whose form is astounding for its perfection, and the famous Petrohué Falls, both important landmarks of southern Chile.

A lake of glacier origin and an active volcano with its cone perfectly, are part of the attractions offered by this program. The tour begins by skirting Lake Llanquihue along the south bank, where you can learn about German colonization and agriculture in the area. Once in the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, you will appreciate the impressive Petrohué Falls which, with its turquoise waters, delight visitors. Afterwards, it will be the turn to contemplate the origin of the Petrohué River, Lake Todos los Santos and visit some of its beaches. Already in the direction of the feet of the Volcano Osorno, it will be the moment to enjoy a lunch in the town of Ensenada, soon to follow course to the center of ski in full volcano. On the way you will be surprised with the panoramic view of the valley of the Petrohué River and the beautiful Lake Llanquihue.