CLP $ 60.000

Per Person
  • Difficulty: Older 16 year old.
  • Available: all year round.
  • Schedules: am – pm.
  • Duration: 6 hours.

Native forest, snowy volcanoes and small lake villages of clear German heritage characterize the second largest lake Chile, with 87,700 hectares, and considered one of the most beautiful in the country. The excursion gives a complete return to the lake, covering 186 kilometers in total, of which only about 30 are grazed. Around it are located the picturesque cities of Frutillar, Puerto Varas and Puerto Octay, famous for the great German influence in its architecture, its gastronomy and the lively events that take place every summer. We will follow the road that goes to Ensenada from Puerto Varas, crossing one of the most beautiful scenic routes of the country, until arriving at the National Park Vicente Pérez Rosales, that houses lagoons and a rich native flora and fauna. A little further on, there is the option to ascend to the Osorno Volcano, considered by many geologists as the most perfect in the world, due to its shape, color and texture. A few kilometers to the north we find Puerto Octay, a small town where you can access the isthmus and Sentinela Bay, with one of the best views of the area. The journey continues to the south of the lake, with a panoramic view that will be unforgettable, as you can see three volcanoes and small islets. Once in Frutillar, we will see its German houses, enjoy its sandy beach and visit the modern Theater of the Lake. From Frutillar we will continue heading south along the coastal road towards the town of Llanquihue, to finish in Puerto Varas.